Vadim Gordin

Vadim Gordin is the founder of Hook Audio and designer of the H1. Vadim is a former biomedical engineer and patent attorney. For the past ten years, Vadim has developed, manufactured and marketed tools to improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled. 

Vadim found Don and his CBT work while trying to create a speaker that had the tactile experience of being in a room with a live drummer or upright bass. Vadim lives in a small Brooklyn apartment with his wife, 2 daughters, and dog. In Vadim's quest for the perfect sound experience,  the usual CBT approach of creating a 6+ foot tall floorstanding speaker was an impossibility, and thus created the design constraints that eventually resulted in the development of the H1. 

Don Keele
 is a design consultant to Hook Audio. Don is a veteran acoustic engineer with over 30 years of experience in senior R&D roles at Kilpsch, Harman, JBL, Electrovoice, and Crown Amplification. Don was also senior reviews editor for Audio Magazine for more than 10 years. Don discovered the Navy's declassified CBT research while trying to develop a constant directivity horn and has since spent the last 20 years helping to develop implementations of CBT technology for multiple companies including JBL, Presonus, Dayton Audio, and others. Don has received an Oscar for his work as well as induction into the NAMM Technology Hall of Fame.